What is BillPoker?
BillPoker is a start-up online poker provider. We have chosen Bitcoin as our currency to serve poker players worldwide. We have the most sophisticated poker software which uses Bitcoin as its payment system.

What is Bitcoin (BTC) ?
According to Wikipedia, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency. It is  a cryptocurrency created by “mining” , stored in a “wallet” on a computer, mobile or web application. Using the wallet software bitcoins can be transferred directly from person to person with a very low or no transaction fee and without needing a clearing house.

How to get bitcoin?
In the United States, we recommend getting bitcoins from:
LocalBitcoins.com at https://localbitcoins.com/country/US
Coinbase at https://coinbase.com/

Rest of the world
Bitstamp at https://www.bitstamp.net/
– The fastest way to purchase bitcoins using credit card at https://www.coinmama.com/

Is my money safe?
First of all, we strongly recommend using computer wallet which can be easily downloaded at https://multibit.org/ .  Furthermore, if you really want to secure your Bitcoin fortune, you can use so called cold storage. This means you store Bitcoins offline so that they can not be stolen by someone else on the Internet. This is the method what BillPoker uses to store the money of the players.  In simple words:  we store over 90% of customers’ bitcoins in a fire-proof bank vault. Your security is always our top priority.

How can I deposit to BillPoker?
By clicking on “Cashier” in our software, you will have the opportunity to “Buy Chips”. A deposit address will be generated (for example: 15KQpcQBA3GjasLaWbpv3p8PMiT6H2rk). You will have to copy this address and transfer the amount of Bitcoin you wish to deposit. After around 10 minutes your account will be credited by the transferred amount.

– How do you exchange BTC into chips?
For every 1 BTC you will get 1,000 (one thousand) BillPoker Chips.

 – How can I cash out?
In the client by clicking “Cashier” you can cash out. You will need to type in the amount in BillPoker chips you wish to cash out and your Bitcoin address. Withdrawals are usually sent within 30 minutes. The minimum amount possible to cash out is 5 BillPoker Chips.

– Do you need my personal data?
At BillPoker you can have full anonymity. Even so we suggest that you provide us your e-mail address so we can reset your password in case you lose it, or in any unexpected circumstances.

– Legal issues
In the Unites States the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) prohibits financial institutions to process money transactions for online gambling providers. Nowadays, owing to the emergence of digital currencies like Bitcoin, the users can transfer money directly to the service provider without using the service of a bank or any other financial institution. This way the UIGEA is not violated.

Bill Poker team
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